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Enthusiasm: (N)

1. Intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Have you ever had a theme that keeps coming up in your thoughts or experience? The word enthusiasm has been mine this past week. I read that enthusiasm is the closest feeling to God that one can have. To “feel” enthusiasm, you can’t wait for it to just appear. You have to find it within yourself and hold it there.

A feeling is just a feeling. In any given day, I can go from anger to sadness to happiness to fear to happiness to anger to peace. Feelings are fleeting, especially when I’m not monitoring my thoughts and feelings. The trick to reaching for enthusiasm is to be grateful. You may have heard of gratitude journals or simply saying a prayer of thanks daily.

The reason why enthusiasm is so powerful is because if you align yourself with God then not only do you feel amazing, but the well being of God can flow through you with ease, making your life experience that much more enjoyable.

Everybody’s true definition of enthusiasm is different. I have determined that when I run, go for a bike ride, watch my kids when they don’t know I’m watching and practice awareness are when I can easily feel enthusiasm, regardless of what is happening in my life.

It is important you know what makes you feel enthusiasm, and not to just acknowledge it, but feel it. Feelings are our guidance system, and we are truly in control of them. If we let them control us, we will more than likely feel bad and depend upon our experiences to bring us joy. This often leads to suffering because we allow the external to determine our happiness. And we all know that sometimes life and our experiences are not perfect and fun.

It is when we choose to feel enthusiastic that we can always feel good regardless of what is going on. So today, I challenge you to reach for enthusiasm and maintain that enthusiasm for two weeks. The easiest way, like I said, is to really feel what brings you joy, be present and be aware of your feelings, know that feelings do not control you, commit to being perfectly happy in your life right now, and feel the power of the well being flowing through you. Your state of mind determines your happiness. Choose the closest feeling there is to God and there you will find happiness.

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